Cara Menggunakan Facebook videocalling

Berikut adalah cara setting dan menggunakan videocalling facebook, tadi malam facebook bru saja merilis fitur terbarunya yaitu facebook for videocalling, fitur ini memungkinkan kita untuk bercakap dengan video secara realtime, dibantu dengan kerjasama dengan perusahaan video calling terbesar yaitu skype, facebook berenca melawan google plus. skype sendiri beberapa bulan lalu sudah dibeli microsoft, hal ini adalah sebagai usaha microsoft untuk mebendung serangan dan dominasi google di dunia internet
pertama yang dilakukan adalah anda harus menuju url berikut , eits ini adalah url resmi dari facebook, jadi anda tidak perlu
dari sana anda akan menemui tombol setup video call, ato serupa itu, cick aja tombol itu, dan beberapa saat akan muncul pop up konfirmasi download file kecil exe ukuran kurang lebih 400 kb, instal aja apliaksi itu, setelah itu anda di chat ato sidebar akan ada ikon video yang berguna untuk memulai video chat facebook ,

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Nokia X7 Price Review and Specs

Nokia X7 Price Review and Specs. Nokia launches the widely anticipated Nokia X7, its first 4-inch entertainment smartphone. Made from toughened glass and seamless stainless steel, it offers a unique and durable design that will stand out from the crowd. Offering all the benefits of the latest Symbian operating system, Symbian Anna, it’s a fast and fluid experience from browsing the web to scrolling through your music collection. Read on for the details.

Nokia X1-01 Price and Specification

The Nokia X1-01 is a music machine, as evidenced by the massive speaker on the back, which can deliver up to 106 phon. A phon (and you’re forgiven for not knowing – we didn’t until we looked it up on Wikipedia) is a unit of perceived loudness. If you have 106 of them in a mobile device, it’s loud enough to serve as a makeshift home-entertainment system. The speaker has also been specially tuned so that there’s little distortion, even when turned up to eleven. The Nokia X1-01 has in fact got the loudest and clearest speaker Nokia has ever produced!

Nokia C2-00 Price Review and Specs

Nokia C2-00 Price Review and Specs. Nokia's first full dual-SIM phone, the Nokia C2-00 is a basic entry-level device aimed primarily at emerging markets. Nokia C2-00 comes with Bluetooth, a microSD slot, a multimedia player, FM radio, VGA resolution camera, a 3.5mm audio connector, and in addition the standard sales package includes a Nokia WH-102 stereo wired headset.

Nokia Oro Price Review and Specs

Nokia has just unveiled a strange new beast of a smartphone. Internally, it's your good old C7 -- 3.5-inch AMOLED screen, 720p video recording, 8 megapixel camera, a pentaband radio, and Symbian as your zombie OS -- but externally it's taken on a lick of gold paint and a rear cover made of real leather. The Nokia Oro Price for a phone built quite so luxuriously is said to be upwards of €800 ($1,126) before taxes and subsidies and launch is expected in Q3 in select countries across Europe and Asia.

Nokia Astound Review and Specs

Nokia Astound Review and Specs. Nokia leading Phone manufacturer has launched Nokia Astound and will be available from T-Mobile starting April 6 for two-year contract. Nokia Astound is a Nokia C7, which was launched exclusively through T-Mobile for the United States market share. Nokia Astound has the same specifications with Nokia C7.

Nokia Astound using the Symbian operating system ^ 3 with support for touch screen measuring 3.5-inch AMOLED. Nokia Astound powered by ARM 11 680 MHz processor.
Harga HP LG Terbaru 2011Harga HP LG Terbaru 2011. Berikut ini Daftar Harga HP LG Terbaru Mei 2011 - Juni 2011. Meliputi Harga HP LG GW300, Cookie, Optimus, GS290, KP500, GW305, KM555e, P500. Daftar harga ini akan terus di update setiap sebulan. Semoga anda terbantu dengan adanya Daftar Harga Handphone LG Terbaru 2011 bulan mei - bulan juni ini.

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